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Sugars Samplers
Sugars Samplers
Sugars Samplers
Sugars Samplers
Sugars Samplers
Sugars Samplers
Sugars Samplers

Sugars Samplers

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These are ready to ship or made to order with a 1 week lead time for making and getting them out.

There are a few that will be shipped out ahead that are Pre made, but be aware that most will be Pre Sale.

Piggy 2 Packs BBW types or Aqualina (5 scents)
$23.50 shipped
Scent shots BBW type or Aqualina (5 scents) $19.50 shipped

All together
Piggy 2 Packs $42 shipped
Scent shots $35 shipped

Left to right

BBW types

Velvet sugar - Red velvet cream, golden plum, musk, Pink jasmine and wild strawberries

Warm vanilla sugar - Vanilla, white Orchid and sparkling sugar

Blueberry sugar - Blueberries, brown sugar, Graham cracker crust

Raspberry sugar - fruity floral blend if Raspberry, plum blossom, and white lily

Sugared Lemon - sliced lemons, sweet sugar and a hint of tart berries

Aqualina Types

Pink sugar - Cotton Candy, red berries, light floral, musk, caramel Tonka and Sandalwood

Blue Sugar - Mandarin Orange, Cotton Candy, Patchouli, Lavender, start anise, Tonka bean and cedar

Steel Sugar - Bergamot, Apple, Angelica, gingerbread, Lavender, tobacco and vetiver

Black Sugar - Amber vanilla, Raspberry, creamy Sandalwood

Gold Sugar - Orange, Mandarin, neroli, creme brulee, coconut, orange blossoms, Sandalwood and musk