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Spider Man Wax Bar
Spider Man Wax Bar

Spider Man Wax Bar

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The marvelous collection scents include

⭐️Raspberry and gold sugar
⭐️ cinnabuns and banana bread
⭐️boysenberry, elderberry, strawberry, guava, cotton candy and cherry cola
⭐️steel sugar, birch, black pepper and tarroco orange
⭐️cashmere glow, blackberry and cotton candy
⭐️ black raspberry vanilla, blueberry sugar and lemons
⭐️ black Cherry merlot, and champagne toast
⭐️ buttercream crunch cake, Rice Krispies and apple pie
⭐️ cider lane and cranberry collins
⭐️ country berry pancakes, captain crunch berries and buttercream
⭐️ black sugar and calacas type
⭐️ blackberry pomegranate, marshmallow and raspberry sugar
⭐️ midnight for men type and crushed candy cane
⭐️ blue raspberry slushie, salt water taffy and coconut cream pie