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Pre Sale Piggy 2 Pack

Pre Sale Piggy 2 Pack

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Each pack is 2 ounces and contains 2 piggies 


Scent options 

 🐷 juicy fruit

🐷 berrylicious ( berry gum type)

🐷 hot maple toddy

🐷 earthen oak

🐷 English tea - English tea, and lemon 

🐷 Mayan gold - fresh orange, jasmine, lilac, cedar, musk and vanilla (fresh zesty scent)

🐷 mystic- chestnut, caramel, sea salt, warm birch bark (wonderful rich caramel with

🐷 Passionflower - passion fruit, banana flowers and pineapple leaves

🐷vive la revolution - orange, strawberry, lavender, musk (relaxing fresh scent)

🐷 spring berry - Holly berry, black raspberry, sweet orange zest apple, lemon, nectarine cassis leaf and warm musk

🐷 cupcakes at Tiffany’s

🐷Green Apple

🐷 Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

🐷Pecan Pie

🐷 Blueberry Lemon Sugar

🐷Minty Tiffy - Cake batter ice cream, mint buttercream and Cupcakes at Tiffany’s

🐷Cran Apple - Green Apple and Cranberry Salsa

🐷Banana Cream pie, and butterscotch bread pudding

🐷 Midnight in Manhattan - black velvet type and merry manhattan

🐷 Coco Mocha Cupcakes - fresh coffee, cupcakes at Tiffany’s and coconut cream pie

🐷 Dancin' in the Moon Light - honey pear cider, champagne, berries, tangerine and bergamot and honey clementine

🐷 BlackBerry pomegranate

🐷 Catch Me If You Can - BlackBerry pomegranate, Bum Bum type and birthday cake

🐷You Can't Sit With Us - Pink Raspberry Cosmo, waffle cone and toasted marshmallow