Pre Sale for Girls Just want to have fun and the Halloween Mystery Count Down Boxes will be availe for purchase from 8/24 through 8/31 and will ship by October 5th. Scoopable wax will be available on an individual basis in my fan page starting middle of September. Click the link at the top of the page!

Store Updates!

August 24th will be pre sale of Halloween Count down sampler in 2 types of boxes!

First box will be a fruity, sweet, bakery mixed box while the other is more toned down and earthy.

each box will ship in thier own box and shipping is included in price of 45$

Pre Sale will occur August 24th through he 31st, but may be extended based on demand.

Shipping for all pre sale items from the 24th will ship by October 5th at the latest to get there before the October 18th melt date.


Pre Sale for the Girls Wanna Have Fun Sampler will be available from August 24th through the 31st. and Will have a ship date of October 5th as well.

If you're ordering the Girls sampler or more samplers, it's possible to combine for shipping, but will not be the $9.50 flat rate, but will not exceed 15$

All other pre Sale items will be added as I go along with other updates!